LumboTrain Lady Back Brace & Support Size 2 Price: $674.40 (as of 26/11/2022 11:20 PST- Details)

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Give Your Back a Hand Walk, sit, stand and run with the back support you need and avoid painful back tweaks with LumboTrain Lady back braces and supports by Bauerfeind. Components: Pressure-reduced edge – Ensures a comfortable fit without constriction. No rigid parts – Does not cause the back or stomach muscles to weaken like rigid braces do. Soft, yet firm support provides stability but also allows full range of motion. Specifically designed for women Fastenings and hand-straps – Adjustable and easy to put on and take off, even for people with arthritis. Soft knit fabric – Breathable materials keeps moisture away from the body, exerts even pressure and adapts to your body shape. Three-dimensional Train active knit – relieves and gently straightens the lumbar spine Triangle cushion pad – Supports the back during movements, provides a massaging effect and relieves pain.

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